Cloud Services

Secure Off-Site Backup
Encrypted backups located off-site with full recoverable images onto any media.

Peace of mind for all types of data with fast recovery.

A data disaster can be devastating. At the least, it can cause major interruptions in workflow. At the most, it can shut down operations or require setting up all systems from scratch.

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in Florida, human interference, and software failures, on-site backups are not enough to ensure the safety of data.

Additionally, standard offsite backups only back up individual files, not your network and software setup. That means that using most commonly-available offsite backups, your organization would still have time-consuming and costly installation/setup fees to restore function to its original state.

To combat this serious issue, we offer maximum security offsite backup that backs up and restores your entire system so there is no need to spend money and time on system setup that has already been performed in the past.

We store our data backups in the highest possible military-grade encrypted packages that spread across multiple secured data centers, to prevent any data leakage. We support all platforms and can restore any type of setup to prevent costly rebuilds. Ask us how we can secure your data.