IT Services

Policy, Compliance, and Assurance
Assistance to ensure risk management principles, policies, and accreditation are met.

Audit Assistance

It is human nature to want to take shortcuts.

This is why audits of your policies and procedures are crucial, especially if you are under a requirement to follow guidelines of a governing body.

Our team has extensive experience in reviewing written policy (Policy) and actual in-office behavior (Compliance) to find vulnerabilities and, lastly, determining easy-to-follow solutions to address those vulnerabilities.

Whether you wish to improve your internal procedures and increase security for yourself or are required to do so, we can help. We tailor a plan specific to your needs and help as little or as much as needed to ensure you are where you need to be both for compliance as well as security.

Once proper Policy is in place, and Compliance is maintained, Information Assurance comes naturally. Information Assurance is the concept of getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Through more and more advanced phishing and other social engineering attempts, your staff must be knowledgeable in details and reasoning of the Policies to prevent accidentally releasing sensitive data to unauthorized individuals which can be devastating to any organization.