IT Security Services

Reverse Engineering & Code Review
When the need for security is necessary to ensure no liabilities.

Savvy Sourcebusters

Reverse engineering is the act of taking apart a software program to its bare state for analysis. Various reasons to perform Reverse Engineering include, but are not limited to:

• Retrieving source code if it was lost,
• Study how a program performs operations,
• Improve performance of the program,
• Fix an issue (bug, error, etc)
• Isolate malicious content (virus, Trojan, etc) or
• Adapt program for new use.

The knowledge to perform Reverse Engineering is also incredibly useful when dealing with proprietary software that is not commonplace. This skill allows us to dissect into what is going on behind the scenes so we can best and most accurate work towards goals of your organization.

We have several very trusted and skilled partners with whom we commonly review code. This practice accelerates and streamlines the process of software development which enables us to output a software product faster and ensure that any inefficiencies are caught and removed before final delivery to you.