Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring
Proctoring services to allow our servicemen and women achieve their best.

Since we are veteran owned and operated and our current employees are made up of 100% military veterans, military family members, and military-affiliated, we are fully aware of the necessity, importance, and issues with current military test proctoring locations and methods.

It is due to this extreme and desperate need that we are making it a mission to make convenient and secure test-taking facilities available in more geographical areas for our servicemen & women who do not always have a nearby opportunity for their testing needs.

This will ensure that career advancement is more readily available to those working hard to earn it and that it is as equally available to reservists as it is to active duty individuals.

However, in our current state of affairs, many departments of defense simply do not have the staffing to accommodate such a demand for their force, so we will continue to offer services as best as we can for such a large client base.

Stay tuned for updates on this new service.